turning on the world of noise

After a long slumber, I am returning to my field recording roots.  Like a photograph, these moments in time capture just a bit of the world that surrounds us, but unlike the photograph are not often shared.  Field recordings also offer more of an opportunity to lose yourself in the recorders moment and experience the world  like they did.  These are elements I try to recreate with my music.

To start things off I am working on uploading my past recording from my old “world of noise” podcast.  Number one is up there and the other nine will follow shortly.  After that there will be new recordings.

“Unless you once feel” Available Now!

My 5th netlabel release, “Unless you once feel,” available on Cyclene Records. It is a reflection on the moment of emotion we feel that defines a memory. The songs are melodic, ambient, and sometimes a bit dusty. 

Unless you once feel

Historical Archive of Events

Here’s the archive of all my past work and events from my previous web site: more…